Tuesday, 28 May 2013

black on white & white on black

 outfit: leather jacket - H&M/top - zara/pants - zara/converse - office

Hello strangers,

it's been a while! 
I could present you loads of excuses right now, but I guess the main one was that I just didn't find outfits worthy enough and I couldn't bring myself onto taking the pictures.
I think as a blogger you will always be veryyy picky with what you want to put up because at the end of the day you want peoples judgement about your stuff.

Either way I'm back now with new outfit ideas and no more coursework left to do! hahaa

This outfit is one of my most effortlessly cool outfits ever. It's just soo loud, but at the same time soo calm. I love it a lot and it's crazy because when I first brought it I was quite scared to wear it because I didn't know what peoples reactions would be!

that's it from me for now let me know what you think of it!

It's good to be back,


P.S I really need a haircut! Awww