Saturday, 30 March 2013

life as a rockstar

outfit: Jumper - ASOS/leather jacket - H&M/jeans - river island/bag - H&M/converse - office
lipstick: rimmel London - 128
Hello lovelies,
what a crazy day it's been and everything just happened so spontaneously, which I love hahaa
The outfit is really casual and comfortable and I brought these jeans just recently..
They actually have a hole in them, which gives a quite rockstar vibe, but you can't really see it in the pictures..
I'm going to try and do a haul tomorrow, but I guess we will just have to see how it goes.
Happy Easter,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

galleries & bronze

outfit: hat - topshop/scarf - H&M/cardigan - zara/leather jacket - H&M/bag - H&M/jeans - river island/converse - office
Hello lovelies,
so this is todays outfit, presented in a slightly different place as usual.. hahaa
that's because I took part in an art project where we were supposed to show how we would like a better future. We were all supposed to create an art piece, which then was put up in this exhibition.
Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of mine and the painting of the earth is NOT mine either, but if you guys would like to see it I can show it to you once I have it back.
There were some amazing art pieces there, which I did not manage to take pictures of, but I was very inspired by.
Also luckily today was our last school day I'm so happy! hahaa
But this is not exactly what I wore to school I was wearing different shoes, no hat and I was only wearing my leather jacket, but I wasn't able to take a picture of that.
Anyways tomorrow I'm going to do a lot of my school work and then I'm probably going to the cinema with my friends, which should be fun as usual!
Until then,

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

cleopatra's chains

outfit: black crop top - topshop/trousers - zara/necklace - topshop/converse - office
Hello lovelies,
finally here's a new outfit post after what seems like forever..
this is what I wore today and I took these pictures with my phone, my last energy and with I'm sorry if they're not as high quality as usual.. hahaa Can I just say how much I fell in love with this necklace. Isn't it just beautiful? and it really reminds me of the Middle East!
Anyways, I had the project that I've been writing about in my last few posts today and I think it's time for me to solve the mystery.
Basically, I managed to take part in a project that Tate Britain and Central Saint Martins have organised.
The project is 10 weeks long and in this time we get the chance to design and make a garment or Jewellery piece that will then be presented in a final show, which is very much catwalk like and will be taking place in Tate Britain.. Isn't that sickkk?!
I can't wait for the show and after Easter we will be starting to make, which I'm soo looking forward to!
So yeah let me know what you think of todays outfit and the project..

Monday, 25 March 2013

taster day vol. 2



Hello lovelies,
so here a few more pictures of my taster day that I had done.
I was soo inspired by all the work there.. there were some very talented people!
Hopefully if everything goes well I'll manage to show you todays outfit later as well..
until then,

Sunday, 24 March 2013

haircuts and strangers


Hello beautiful people!
Sooo.. how can I explain my absence.. I could say I've been busy and it would be true, but I guess it's mainly because I kinda run out of ideas too..
BUT it's all good because I'm back - with a new haircut as well.. hahaa
It feels soo sick to have short hair again. Funny thing is I was actually trying to grow it, but I took my mum to my amazing hairdresser and I got really tempted, which resulted with a crazy haircut hahaa
Apart from that we just had Iranian new year - eid mobarak to all my beautiful Iranians! - which is also the reason why I decided to carry on with the blog and not have a longer break.. New years resolutions and stuff hahaa
ehm also to all the people who live in London: make sure you check out the light show next to the royal festival hall! It's soooo sick!!!
and with the next picture, which was taken in my still mysterious project I'll say good night!
(That fan type of thing is paper btw.. haaha)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

outtakes of my photography

outfit: shirt - my mums/tee - river island/belt - H&M/jeans - C&A/converse - office
Hello lovelies,
so this is what I was wearing on Monday.
I took these pictures for you very quickly while I was doing my photography work.
I felt soo comfortable in this outfit and the green shirt, which I stole of my mum is one of my faves, just because it always lifts my mood! hahaa
Anyways as always there's more to come,
P.S I hope you guys liked yesterdays outfit!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

with patience comes the jackpot

outfit: scarf - H&M/blouse - ASOS/leather jacket - H&M/cardigan - zara/harem pants - H&M/boots - topshop/headscarf - my mums
Hello lovelies,
first off I'm so sorry for the awful update over the last couple of days, but oh my what a week it's been already.. there's soooo much work I had/have to do for school!
Anyways hopefully it won't happen anymore!
So now to todays outfit.. I actually love this outfit soo much, specially the head wrap! It took me forever to do though in the morning and by the time I took these pictures it was kind of at its last surviving point because I did not have time at all during the day to take pictures. That's also why they have been taken inside! hahaa

Thanks to my mum for taking the pictures for me! Normally my friend Esther is the legend behind the camera!
Ehm.. the reason why I had to take the pictures soo late was because I applied for this design project and today was the first day soo I had to go straight after my last lesson to be on time. More about this project thing later though!

That's it from me for now.. I hope I'm forgiven until the next post,


Sunday, 10 March 2013

taster day vol.1


Hello lovelies,
so here is a tiny little look into what I got to see in the uni taster day on Friday!
Some of the work of the students was really good!
I really enjoyed the little look into the textiles work and it kinda gave me an idea of how it all work, which is obviously a sick thing!
I did take loads more pictures, but I just thought i'll give you a little teaser and the other pictures will come up bit by bit this week.. hahaa
This post is timed soo me and my mum should have left for a little adventure in a slightly strange city, I don't know what it is about this place that makes me feel weird, but it's probably the huge difference you can tell straight away to massive, loud London.. hahaa on top of that the prices are pretty sick too we paid £3,70 for a cap, that's pretty much nothing compare to how much we would have paid in London hahaa
Anyways, I did actually manage to sort out my wifi in the hotel, which was quite nice.. it's crazy how much we need internet in our lives..
As always there is more to come,

Saturday, 9 March 2013

the magic of cobalt blue

outfit: leather jacket - H&M/jumper - H&M/harem pants - H&M/boots - topshop/earrings - H&M/bag - H&M
Hello lovelies,
so I'm in a hotel right now and let me tell you it's been a loooong journey, but nevermind that here's todays outfit!
I love this jumper the colour is soo stunning!
I went quite simple today so I wore my leather jacket because it toughens up every outfit!
I only got wifi for 30 mins and I wasn't able to time anything for tomorrow so im not quite sure whether I will be able to do that now, but I will try my best.
I hope you enjoy this outfit until then.
Let me know what you think,

The satorialist

Hello lovelies,

Sorry for the bad update but yesterday was crazy and right now I'm about to go and buy a few last things before me and my leave tonight to go to Wakefield.

I'll time a few post for tonight and tomorrow later.

Now to the book I brought it yesterday and so far I'm loving it! It just has loads of streetstyle photography in it.

Anyways I'll talk to you later..


Friday, 8 March 2013

how to wear: headwraps



Hello lovelies,
so this post is about headwraps - obviously.
Personally, I'm a huge fan of headwraps I think they are an amazing accessory and they just look stunning!
I have worn a headwrap once to a gig and I felt soo good about it, it took me a lot of confidence though and I was soo scared until I realised that people were appreciating it.
Now I just really want to wear headwraps every once in a while cause its just soo nice so this post is kinda my inspiration for it and my reminder.
I'm planning to wear a headwrap in one of my outfits next week..
What do you think of that idea? and what do you think about headwraps? let me know!