Wednesday, 27 March 2013

cleopatra's chains

outfit: black crop top - topshop/trousers - zara/necklace - topshop/converse - office
Hello lovelies,
finally here's a new outfit post after what seems like forever..
this is what I wore today and I took these pictures with my phone, my last energy and with I'm sorry if they're not as high quality as usual.. hahaa Can I just say how much I fell in love with this necklace. Isn't it just beautiful? and it really reminds me of the Middle East!
Anyways, I had the project that I've been writing about in my last few posts today and I think it's time for me to solve the mystery.
Basically, I managed to take part in a project that Tate Britain and Central Saint Martins have organised.
The project is 10 weeks long and in this time we get the chance to design and make a garment or Jewellery piece that will then be presented in a final show, which is very much catwalk like and will be taking place in Tate Britain.. Isn't that sickkk?!
I can't wait for the show and after Easter we will be starting to make, which I'm soo looking forward to!
So yeah let me know what you think of todays outfit and the project..

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