Saturday, 10 May 2014

Grey tones

outfit: Top - Zara / Trousers - Monki / Roshe runs - ASOS / Bag - H&M

Another outfit for you guys from a couple of weeks ago! 

One of my go to outfits when I wanna be comfortable and still look decent.
All these black, white and greys in my wardrobe are like heaven on earth, but don't worry I've promised myself to add some colour soon!

Yesterday I was a bit bad and went into Zara and bought quite a few pieces, which is really good for my wardrobe, but not as good on my bank statements of course.

Also I must say I'm in love with my Roshes they're perfect. I was quite worried when I first bought them cause they didn't really suit my style, but they are working really well for me now and are extremely comfortable.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Hiding in navy

outfit: Coat - Monki / Jumper - Forever21 / Jeans - Topshop / Converse - Office

Hello everyone, excuse my absence exams and coursework are taking over my life.

I do have quite a couple of outfits on their way it's just the matter of trying to find time to post! 
I hope you're all doing well! 

Also if you did want more frequent updates and inspirations I do post a bit more on Instagram so you can follow me there as well under @aspoonfulloffashion 

I've got another outfit coming up tomorrow. Speak soon,