Monday, 25 November 2013

red vogues and snakes

outfit: top - asos / jeans - asos petite / converse - office

Hello divas,

soo here is todays outfit, I kept it very simple because I had lessons in the morning and then I had to go to work so it was my all day outfit! Hahaa

I do love the top though it's soo dramatic and I have to say snake skin/print is probably one of my favourites because it's just soo nice!

I'm gonna go to sleep now,


Friday, 22 November 2013

Of greys and blacks

I love using the new studio lights soo much it's also nice that we don't have to take pictures in the cold outside.. 

Anyways so I finally wore a skirt again and tried to keep it as casual and simple as possible and to be honest I really liked this outfit. 

I have to say though school is killing me I've got so much work to do!

outfit: Tee - Primark / skirt - ASOS / scarf - zara / converse - office / necklace - ASOS
and this scarf is probably one of my favourite things at the moment! 
It's soo nice and it keeps me warm as well.

Have a lovely weekend,


Thursday, 14 November 2013

white noise

outfit: coat - asos / shirt - asos / jeans - H&M / converse - office / necklace - asos

Comfortable and casual is sometimes the best thing on earth, especially if you have a busy day!
Felt so good and free in this today. Hahaa

Todays background was a bit different because Esther and me were using the new studio lights and backdrop that our photography department had bought! SO SICK!
You can expect plenty more pictures in this location during winter because it is a bit too cold to take pictures outside! 

How was your day?


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

old and new

outfit: coat - asos / scarf - zara / tee - primark / jeans - H&M / shoes - office / necklace - asos

So I finally got a new coat and if you saw my wishlist, this coat was actually on there!
I love it soo soo much and it's really warm as well, which is perfect for the cold winter days that are coming upon us! 
Also after work I went to quickly have a look for nice sweaters in zara, but I couldn't really find anything pleasing enough! Hahaa However, I did stumble across this scarf and I had to get it. 

Today we had a later start so I stayed home and did some work at home and now I'm about to go to school for my lessons.

I'll speak to you guys later,


Monday, 11 November 2013

Finally 18!!

Hello all you beautiful people,
I'm sorry for my terrible update its been a crazy 2 weeks! 
So much work and stuff to do! 
But I'm back indeed and finally 18! 
I wore this to my celebration with family which was on Saturday, but my actual birthday was on Halloween and I had a really lovely day! 

Anyways the dress is from asos and I have to say it was soo soo nice and comfortable! My heels are from topshop, but I bought them 2 years ago on their sale and this was actually the first time I got to wear them! 

Apart from that sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but at least it's something and hopefully tomorrow I can give you new outfit posts!