Thursday, 28 February 2013

pure minimalist


outfit: scarf - H&M/Jumper - Mango/pants - H&M/converse - office/necklace - Camden & gift from a friend
Hello lovelies,
sorry that there were no posts all day, I was not very well last night and couldn't really time anything for today, but I'm fine now and I had a really busy day!
Our school had organised a University/UCAS thing for us and after going there (and having to carry loads of booklets and bags from different Unis) me and my one of my closest friends decided to take the chance and go down Oxford street, which is btw my favourite place - ever - for obvious reasons.. hahaa
She managed to grab a very nice top for her performance tomorrow (she produces and performs her own written songs, which are amazing!)
Seeing as I mentioned that I am obviously going to support her, which also means that you will get two outfits of the day - or I will just show you my school outfit tomorrow and keep the evening outfit for Saturday and just show you a sneak peek of what I'm going to wear to her performance - sounds good?
Anyways tomorrow is a busy day so I will time a few posts and hopefully manage to upload my school outfit before I leave for the evening.
Let me know whether you would like to see anything specific on my blog - like tutorials and stuff like that cause I would love to do some, but I don't know whether they are wanted or not.. hahaa that's it for now,

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

leading navy

outfit: trench - Sisley/jumper - topshop/necklace - Camden/belt - H&M/jeans - H&M/wedges - primark/scarf - I can't remember../lipstick - rimmel London 128
Hello lovelies,
so before I start, you may notice that I'm only wearing lipstick in one picture.. that's because I completely forgot to reapply it and only remembered (or my friend reminded me) once we had taken all the pictures hahaa
Now to the outfit, we had quite lovely weather today so I was able to walk out in a trench without producing a song with the sound of my teeth.. hahaa
Also my wedges are so nice and comfortable and the weirdest thing is they are from primark!

Can I  also just mention that I was wearing about 20 bobbi pins in my hair (well that's an exaggeration, but I'm wearing quite a lot) and it felt absolutely amazing to take them out.. hahaa

btw I hope you liked my art work,


some of my art

done in pencil
- watercolour
- biro and acrylic 
both were done in biro and watercolour

Hello lovelies,
so these are some of my recent experiments I've been doing for my art coursework.
I hope you guys like them!

wish list

Hello lovelies,
here are some of the things that are on my shopping list right now.
I know it's not very colourful, but as you know I'm loving these earthy greyish colours a lot right now.
Some of the items are actually available right now such as;
  •  wine coloured heels - asos
  • black skinny jeans - asos
  • grey check shirt - topshop
  • khaki ankle boots - topshop
the rest such as the paisley printed trousers, the palm print clutch and the navy skirt I just want to find similar ones to it!
Ohh and I desperately want a brown/nude lipstick!
In the next post there will be some of my art stuff, YAY!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

mary-kate and ashley love




Hello lovelies,
this post is about my celebrity fashion inspirations (if that's what you want to call it)
I always have loved the Olsen twins, I think they are absolutely amazing and their fashion sense is very unique!
I get a lot of inspiration from them and I love their whole oversized look!
On top of that I can actually understand more about what I can wear because I am petite just like them and it's really important to understand what you can wear with your body shape without looking like a complete idiot.. hahaa
Their fashion sense is quite different Mary-Kate has the funky/rock/grunge look where as Ashley is more polished and classy however they both love oversized things.
I also love their hair and make up on appearances - most of the times it's very simple.
I will be doing more post like this on varies celebrities talking about their style and what I like about them!
Let me know what you think,

Monday, 25 February 2013

CC - casual chic


outfit: T-shirt - second hand/cardigan - zara/scarf - H&M/chain - Camden/trousers - H&M/shoes - asos/bag - H&M
Hello lovelies,
first day back to school after a nice and laid back halfterm..
It was a pain to get up this morning, but I managed.
Now to the outfit, I went all casual, oversized and laid back on this morning and was missing a wow factor so I decided to wear my snake skin boots. Aren't they just so stunning? I told you I was obsessed with snake skin.. hahaa
Let me know what you think,




Hello lovelies,
Here is this weeks inspiration, personally I'm really feeling the layers, earthy grey tones and huge scarves, which reminds me I should invest into some cosy scarves..
I've got some really nice outfit ideas in mind inspired by some of these pictures, which I hopefully will be able to try out this week.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

art surprise!


So I went to Cass art today..


 Oh my the amount of love I have for this art shop!
So I went to buy a few fine brushes because my old ones are.. well very old! hahaa
and I also brought the fabric from a shop near there to make a dress
As some of you may know art shops are quite pricy.. so I went with the thought of coming home with 4/5 new brushes and maybe 2 charcoal pencils and it wasn't until I went up to pay that I realised that CASS ART had a offer type of thing.. and I ended up getting a goodie bag full of all of this wonderful things for FREE and just to my luck a case full of charcoal pencils! It was definitely a moment of awesomeness! hahaa
This actually made my day so I had to share my joy..
For tomorrow you will probably get a timed post of inspiration and I gotta think of something else as well, but that is pretty much it for now