Thursday, 28 February 2013

pure minimalist


outfit: scarf - H&M/Jumper - Mango/pants - H&M/converse - office/necklace - Camden & gift from a friend
Hello lovelies,
sorry that there were no posts all day, I was not very well last night and couldn't really time anything for today, but I'm fine now and I had a really busy day!
Our school had organised a University/UCAS thing for us and after going there (and having to carry loads of booklets and bags from different Unis) me and my one of my closest friends decided to take the chance and go down Oxford street, which is btw my favourite place - ever - for obvious reasons.. hahaa
She managed to grab a very nice top for her performance tomorrow (she produces and performs her own written songs, which are amazing!)
Seeing as I mentioned that I am obviously going to support her, which also means that you will get two outfits of the day - or I will just show you my school outfit tomorrow and keep the evening outfit for Saturday and just show you a sneak peek of what I'm going to wear to her performance - sounds good?
Anyways tomorrow is a busy day so I will time a few posts and hopefully manage to upload my school outfit before I leave for the evening.
Let me know whether you would like to see anything specific on my blog - like tutorials and stuff like that cause I would love to do some, but I don't know whether they are wanted or not.. hahaa that's it for now,

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