Friday, 1 March 2013

abbey lee kershaw


Hello lovelies,
this post is about abbey lee Kershaw and the inspiration I take from her.
So you may know abbey lee Kershaw from various fashion shows and/or advertisements seeing as she is a model.
Her personal style is quite bohemian/hipster mixed with the typical model look.. at least that's what I find.
Personally I think it's quite strange that I find inspiration in her because my style is completely different, but I just always manage to find something in her style that completes my unfinished outfits - yeah you know those outfits that you're just never happy with because there is something missing, but you don't know what it is? Well exactly those outfits her style kind of completes for me in a way..
I have only started looking at her style recently so she has not had much influence on me yet, but I reckon her style will probably always be a good hand when I really need some inspiration.
As I already mentioned today is a really busy day for me so this post is timed and there are a lot of posts on their way if I have managed to take the pictures..
two outfit post are waiting to be shared (my school outfit and the one I'm going to wear to my friends performance) however I won't have time to edit and put them up until later tonight.. what I'm probably going to do is upload my school outfit tonight and give you the second one tomorrow including the sneak peek - so me getting ready and stuff like that.. 
tomorrow will also be quite exciting, but I will tell you more about that later..

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