Monday, 14 April 2014

delicate lavender

outfit: Coat - Choies / Jumper - Topshop / Jeans - H&M / Converse - Office

Here is another outfit with my beloved white coat for you guys, very simple and comfortable.

Also I can finally show you my new jumper here. Absolutely in love with it. The only is that it is really long on me, either way I can't get enough of it. Doesn't help that this is probably my favourite colour at the moment. I recently bought a nail polish in this colour as well and as soon as it chips on my nails - I re-apply it..
I'm trying to hunt down more pieces in this colour for now.
There is just something about pastels that makes my heart melt hahaa


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

dark blossoms

outfit: coat - choies / top - zara / jeans - topshop / shoes - topshop / Bag - H&M

Finally found my perfect white coat. I cannot tell you guys how much I'm in love with it.
I have discovered a real love for white clothes at the moment and apart from the fact that they get dirty so easily I'm quite enjoying this little phase.

Also I bought these jeans the other day from Topshop and they are actually perfect. They're the 'Joni' jeans and I bought mine from the petite section of course. I must say they fit perfectly and if I could I would wear them every single day.
I'm considering buying another pair in black just because I wear these to work so it would be nice to have a back up.. hahaa

This is actually one of my outfits that I wear to work and I love this combination.

Another thing I've been falling for horribly are pastel colours, I just can't get enough of them. Especially the lilac/lavender colour, seriously it's the only colour I wear on my nails and in general everything pastel catches my eye.. Let's see how that goes.