Sunday, 30 June 2013

The knot

 outfit: T-shirt - Just female / jeans - ASOS petite / converse - office / earrings - f21 / bag - ASOS 

Oh wow what amazing weather we are having today! It's about time though!

Anyways this is yesterdays out, I wasn't actually planning to go out because I have a annoying cold!! But I did end up going to Oxford st.- aka my favourite place in the world with my friends just to look at the sales and stuff. I did go with the intention to buy nothing and ended up buying these beautiful earrings from forever21 and something else, which I will show you in my haul probably tomorrow.

My outfit was casual and comfortable so the earrings and my red lipstick tuned it up nicely. 

I'm not sure whether I can go out today because I'm not feeling very well but this weather is just too nice to stay home! 

How are you guys finding the weather? Any exciting plans coming up?


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

dreams around my neck

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / Tee - ASOS / jeans - C&A / bag - ASOS / converse - office / necklace - topshop

Ohh what a day, we had like CV and UCAS day, today and it was just a really long day where you were told what you already knew.. if you know what I mean! Hahaa

Anyways, we don't have school tomorrow and Friday so Esther and I are probably just gonna chill, might go and checkout the topshop sale tomorrow if we can and then just enjoy the days off.

Ohh and you can see we treated ourselves after the boring day today.. hahaa

Anyone else looking forward to the holidays?! 
Ohh and let me know what you think of todays outfit!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

alarming red

outfit: Jumper - topshop / jeans - ASOS petite / converse - office / bag - ASOS / rings - ASOS


Today I kinda overslept.. so I got dressed really quickly!
This is my go to jumper on comfortable days cause it's just so nice to wear.
The texture of the jumper is quite funky, which I like and it's quite soft on the skin.

Mentioning skin I'm having some really weird break outs any advice?
It might be because I have just brought a new moisturiser, but still it's really irritating.

Also I'm going to Germany next month and I literally cannot wait!!!
I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I was born and raised in Germany and we only moved to the UK in 2009 so I try to go there as much as possible to visit friends. 
So yeah that should be good and apparently the weather is really hot there so I can finally wear my new buys, which I'll show you sometime this week. 

Have you guys got any plans for the summer? 


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hint of skin

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / crop top - topshop / jeans - ASOS / shoes - ASOS / necklace - topshop / clutch - ASOS 

And here is another one for you! 
I know the pictures are not the greatest but we hardly had any time! At least it's something to show.

Can I just add how beautiful this clutch is? 

Ohh and also thanks to one of my closest friends Esther for always taking these pics for me! 

What do you think of the outfit? 


Lemon on my skin

outfit: tee - Zara / trousers - H&M / socks - H&M / shoes - H&M

Soo here's yesterday's outfit! I didn't have enough time to take anymore pictures cause we went to do some last minute shopping for the gig! Hopefully I can take some more pictures tomorrow I'll see how it goes! 

Anyways how was your weekend? 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Magazines and white bows

I have not left my room properly for the whole day in fact I have not left my bed properly for the whole day! 

Woke up with an awful stomach ache and just generally felt horrible so there was no way I could have left the house!

Hate being ill! I hardly ever get ill, but when I do it's the worst thing ever!!

Anyways my mum worked her Iranian magic on me and I'm feeling much better! Perfectly well in time seeing as one of my close friends has a gig tomorrow and I've got a full day of lessons! Hahaa

Ohh yeah on another note look at my new beauty! 
Finally brought a floppy hat! I've been meaning to get one of these for soo long still want a classic black one though hahaa

What do you think? and how was your day? 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

faded silver

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / gold chain - ASOS / T-shirt - ASOS / Jeans - ASOS petite / bag - ASOS / shoes - ASOS

Oh boy the weather was really warm today, which is a good thing however it was a bit to stuffy and humid.. 

On this morning it didn't look like it would be this warm, but we ended up burning under the sun at our break! hahaa

Anyways I'm soo happy my shoes didn't hurt my feet today at all!

Also I've been obsessed with 'hart of dixie', I've finished the first season! It's soo GOOD!!
It doesn't help that I love Rachel Bilson either!

Have you guys seen it? and do you like it?


Friday, 14 June 2013

wood on lace

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / T-shirt - ASOS / necklace - topshop / jeans - C&A / socks - primark / shoes - ASOS

Oh my what a day it's been!

I went to see a Uni today with my entire year group. It was in Brighton so we went by coach and I decided to wear my new shoes, which I by the way love! 
However, they started really hurting my feet and gave me blisters and I was in pain for the whole day!!!

Then on the way back our bus that broke down so we had to wait for 2 hrs in the middle of a motorway for another coach to come and pick us up!
I'm sooo ridiculously exhausted it's unbelievable.

The only plus side is that I really like the Uni and the place even though it did not actually offer what I want to do.

Also sorry for the low quality of my pictures, but by the time I got home it was starting to get dark and I was actually too tired to take any more, but there will be more outfits to come as usual!

Glad that I could show you my new shoes! I love them soo much! Hope that I can find a way of wearing them without being in soo much pain!

Let me know what you think,


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

patterns on black

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / T-Shirt - ASOS / harem pants - H&M / shoes - H&M / earrings - ASOS / bag - ASOS / ring - ASOS

Ohh what annoying weather we have at the moment! It's soo irritating!
I just wanna be able to wear pretty colours and enjoy the sun!

Apart from that let me introduce you to my new bag!
I love it so much and it's soo comfortable to wear.
The patterns on it are really nice too.

Let me know what you think!


Monday, 10 June 2013

Let's talk trends

I'm really digging this whole black and white trend at the moment!
I find it very attractive and clean. It just speaks a lot of class cause you can't go wrong with both, black and white!

On its own or together I just can't get enough of it.

For me personally, I like to keep a balance of both in my outfits.
Also I love the white suits that are everywhere at the moment! SO MUCH CLASS!

As for the picture of the skirt I posted, I love love love it! I might just have to make myself one because I don't know where it's from!

Do let me know how you like to wear your blacks and whites!

Anyways tomorrow I'm going to a photography exhibition and I'm hopefully going to take some outfit pictures then if all goes well.

Ohh and I'm planning to get a hot pink lipstick soon cause I would really like to have one.
Any suggestions?


Sunday, 9 June 2013

orange diamonds

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / crop top - ASOS / trousers - H&M / shoes - topshop / clutch - ASOS / necklace - ASOS 

Had such a nice weekend,
Friday I went to 'Tate at night' with my friends and family to watch my final piece that I made at the project with CSM on the catwalk. 
It was an amazing feeling to watch your own piece on a catwalk even though the catwalk wasn't that big.. hahaa
I've got some pictures of my piece that I can post at some point.

Anyways, afterwards my friends and I were really hungry and seeing as we were in central London we wanted to hang around there a bit more. After walking into the completely wrong direction we finally managed to find our way and a very kind women directed us - if you happen to read this, THANKS MAN! 

I have to say though my feet was killing meeee! hahaa

Today we've got some family over so that's quite sweet and then tomorrow I'm back to sixth form for another month. Can't wait for our summer holidays to finally start!!

Have you guys got any plans for summer?