Thursday, 20 June 2013

Magazines and white bows

I have not left my room properly for the whole day in fact I have not left my bed properly for the whole day! 

Woke up with an awful stomach ache and just generally felt horrible so there was no way I could have left the house!

Hate being ill! I hardly ever get ill, but when I do it's the worst thing ever!!

Anyways my mum worked her Iranian magic on me and I'm feeling much better! Perfectly well in time seeing as one of my close friends has a gig tomorrow and I've got a full day of lessons! Hahaa

Ohh yeah on another note look at my new beauty! 
Finally brought a floppy hat! I've been meaning to get one of these for soo long still want a classic black one though hahaa

What do you think? and how was your day? 


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