Sunday, 9 June 2013

orange diamonds

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / crop top - ASOS / trousers - H&M / shoes - topshop / clutch - ASOS / necklace - ASOS 

Had such a nice weekend,
Friday I went to 'Tate at night' with my friends and family to watch my final piece that I made at the project with CSM on the catwalk. 
It was an amazing feeling to watch your own piece on a catwalk even though the catwalk wasn't that big.. hahaa
I've got some pictures of my piece that I can post at some point.

Anyways, afterwards my friends and I were really hungry and seeing as we were in central London we wanted to hang around there a bit more. After walking into the completely wrong direction we finally managed to find our way and a very kind women directed us - if you happen to read this, THANKS MAN! 

I have to say though my feet was killing meeee! hahaa

Today we've got some family over so that's quite sweet and then tomorrow I'm back to sixth form for another month. Can't wait for our summer holidays to finally start!!

Have you guys got any plans for summer?