Friday, 14 June 2013

wood on lace

outfit: leather jacket - H&M / T-shirt - ASOS / necklace - topshop / jeans - C&A / socks - primark / shoes - ASOS

Oh my what a day it's been!

I went to see a Uni today with my entire year group. It was in Brighton so we went by coach and I decided to wear my new shoes, which I by the way love! 
However, they started really hurting my feet and gave me blisters and I was in pain for the whole day!!!

Then on the way back our bus that broke down so we had to wait for 2 hrs in the middle of a motorway for another coach to come and pick us up!
I'm sooo ridiculously exhausted it's unbelievable.

The only plus side is that I really like the Uni and the place even though it did not actually offer what I want to do.

Also sorry for the low quality of my pictures, but by the time I got home it was starting to get dark and I was actually too tired to take any more, but there will be more outfits to come as usual!

Glad that I could show you my new shoes! I love them soo much! Hope that I can find a way of wearing them without being in soo much pain!

Let me know what you think,


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