Friday, 1 March 2013

simple stripes

outfit: cpat - zara/dress - asos/converse - office/earrings - from Germany
Hello lovelies,
ohh what a day I had there was soo much to do and a lot of time pressure, but everything ended very nicely at the end!
This is what I wore to school today, very simple and very comfortable I wouldn't have had it any other way hahaa
My friends performance was amazing! I will post her outfit later tomorrow. There will also be a little sneak peek of what I wore to the event later tonight and my actual outfit.
Tomorrow I'm seeing an old friend of mine and I will hopefully be able to take loads of nice pictures. However I'm not quite sure whether I will be able to take pictures of my outfit, depends on whether my friend is willing to take them! hahaa
That's it from me for now,

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