Sunday, 24 February 2013

art surprise!


So I went to Cass art today..


 Oh my the amount of love I have for this art shop!
So I went to buy a few fine brushes because my old ones are.. well very old! hahaa
and I also brought the fabric from a shop near there to make a dress
As some of you may know art shops are quite pricy.. so I went with the thought of coming home with 4/5 new brushes and maybe 2 charcoal pencils and it wasn't until I went up to pay that I realised that CASS ART had a offer type of thing.. and I ended up getting a goodie bag full of all of this wonderful things for FREE and just to my luck a case full of charcoal pencils! It was definitely a moment of awesomeness! hahaa
This actually made my day so I had to share my joy..
For tomorrow you will probably get a timed post of inspiration and I gotta think of something else as well, but that is pretty much it for now

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