Sunday, 24 February 2013

hidden like a snake

outfit: white shirt - river island/snake skin blouse - asos/cardigan - zara/harem pants - H&M/converse - office/scarf - H&M
Hello lovelies,
So this is yesterdays outfit can I just say we had a really nice day, but it probably wasn't such a good idea to just wear a cardi in this weather.. hahaa it was absolutely freezing!! NEVER AGAIN! (even though I probably will end up doing it again..)
Also let me introduce you to one of my best friends and at times absolute style savers my harem pants. They've been one of the best things I have ever brought and you will probably see them a lot in my outfits because they literally go with everything!
After my harem pants there are also my converse, which are by the way completely messed up and dirty.. THANK GOD you can't see it in the pictures hahaa  but it's only because I wear them soo much! They are my all time go tos because they are just so easy to match!
A newcomer to my wardrobe is the snake skin blouse, which you can't actually see properly in the pictures, but it's absolutely stunning and I have completely fallen in love with it! I have to admit though I am crazy over snake skin.. I love it sooo much. I just think there is soo much class, beauty and style to it that I can't get enough of!
Anyways after a week of half term it's a bit hard that we have school tomorrow.. UGHH!
BUT that means that my outfits will be even more exciting because I do actually kind of dress up for school AND I will probably post a lot about my art project and so on..
So that's yesterdays outfit and some other stuff will come later.

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