Saturday, 23 February 2013

POLYVORE invasion

Hello lovelies,

You're probably wondering what this post is..

Basically, I will post stuff like this every once in a while. These are outfits I have put together as inspiration for myself and to share (also because it's just so much fun to put them together)

These sets kind of give me the satisfaction of knowing that I do have a sense of fashion and they help me grow my confidence because right now I am at a state where I am not very happy with my wardrobe mainly because I'm bored of it so I am currently working on expanding it and it's a bit hard to do as a student..

On top of that the sets give me an idea of what I should get!

Anyways I do hope you like this idea and the sets.

Please let me know what ya think!


P.S if you have a polyvore or you wanna see more of these sets (even though I will post more eventually) do go and check out mine at

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