Thursday, 14 November 2013

white noise

outfit: coat - asos / shirt - asos / jeans - H&M / converse - office / necklace - asos

Comfortable and casual is sometimes the best thing on earth, especially if you have a busy day!
Felt so good and free in this today. Hahaa

Todays background was a bit different because Esther and me were using the new studio lights and backdrop that our photography department had bought! SO SICK!
You can expect plenty more pictures in this location during winter because it is a bit too cold to take pictures outside! 

How was your day?



  1. wow! love your striped shirt and this jacket! also love your haircut:)!
    please visit me in free time:)
    if you don't mind please click on the banner at the bottom of my blog :)

    1. Thanks a lot lovely! I will definitely check you out! x