Sunday, 10 March 2013

taster day vol.1


Hello lovelies,
so here is a tiny little look into what I got to see in the uni taster day on Friday!
Some of the work of the students was really good!
I really enjoyed the little look into the textiles work and it kinda gave me an idea of how it all work, which is obviously a sick thing!
I did take loads more pictures, but I just thought i'll give you a little teaser and the other pictures will come up bit by bit this week.. hahaa
This post is timed soo me and my mum should have left for a little adventure in a slightly strange city, I don't know what it is about this place that makes me feel weird, but it's probably the huge difference you can tell straight away to massive, loud London.. hahaa on top of that the prices are pretty sick too we paid £3,70 for a cap, that's pretty much nothing compare to how much we would have paid in London hahaa
Anyways, I did actually manage to sort out my wifi in the hotel, which was quite nice.. it's crazy how much we need internet in our lives..
As always there is more to come,

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