Wednesday, 13 March 2013

with patience comes the jackpot

outfit: scarf - H&M/blouse - ASOS/leather jacket - H&M/cardigan - zara/harem pants - H&M/boots - topshop/headscarf - my mums
Hello lovelies,
first off I'm so sorry for the awful update over the last couple of days, but oh my what a week it's been already.. there's soooo much work I had/have to do for school!
Anyways hopefully it won't happen anymore!
So now to todays outfit.. I actually love this outfit soo much, specially the head wrap! It took me forever to do though in the morning and by the time I took these pictures it was kind of at its last surviving point because I did not have time at all during the day to take pictures. That's also why they have been taken inside! hahaa

Thanks to my mum for taking the pictures for me! Normally my friend Esther is the legend behind the camera!
Ehm.. the reason why I had to take the pictures soo late was because I applied for this design project and today was the first day soo I had to go straight after my last lesson to be on time. More about this project thing later though!

That's it from me for now.. I hope I'm forgiven until the next post,


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