Sunday, 24 March 2013

haircuts and strangers


Hello beautiful people!
Sooo.. how can I explain my absence.. I could say I've been busy and it would be true, but I guess it's mainly because I kinda run out of ideas too..
BUT it's all good because I'm back - with a new haircut as well.. hahaa
It feels soo sick to have short hair again. Funny thing is I was actually trying to grow it, but I took my mum to my amazing hairdresser and I got really tempted, which resulted with a crazy haircut hahaa
Apart from that we just had Iranian new year - eid mobarak to all my beautiful Iranians! - which is also the reason why I decided to carry on with the blog and not have a longer break.. New years resolutions and stuff hahaa
ehm also to all the people who live in London: make sure you check out the light show next to the royal festival hall! It's soooo sick!!!
and with the next picture, which was taken in my still mysterious project I'll say good night!
(That fan type of thing is paper btw.. haaha)

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