Thursday, 4 April 2013

Absolute shoe love!


Shoes: Ankle boots - H&M / Sandals - zara
So today I went to Westfield with my mummy and managed to pick up these amazing ankle boots! I've been hunting them since the first time I saw them and I'm sooo happy that I finally got them!! I don't really have flats, I realised. That's mainly because I'm soo picky with them - and because, let's face it heels are just so much more beautiful hahaa- BUT these are just amazing.
The sandals I brought 1 or 2 weeks ago and I actually can't wait for goddamn summer to finally come along so I can rock them. I can tell already that I'm probably going to wear the hell out of them because they are sooo beautiful and so comfortable as well!
For me as a size 3 I can hardly ever find comfortable heels, but these are just perfect.
The picture really doesn't give them justice because the heel colour is soo much for intense and stunning in real life!
Anyways, sorry for the late update, but my mum had a chest infection so she was my priority in the last couple of days..
Tomorrow I'm gonna go to a Starbucks to chill and do my art work.
I can't do work at home because I get easily distracted + it's a good excuse to go out a bit.
For people who live in London, you may think I'm crazy because it's soo cold, but I just can't stay at home for longer than 2 days otherwise I'll turn mad! Hahaa
But yeah, I'll try and take a few pictures there of my art work and maybe my outfit and random stuff. Maybe if I find some good streetstyle of strangers and they're willing to have their picture taken I'll upload that too.
Phew! That's it from me. Tell me what you think of my 2 new babies,

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