Thursday, 17 October 2013

Linking gold

outfit: cardigan - zara / top - zara / harem pants - H&M / chocker - H&M / shoes - H&M

Here's the point where I'm supposed to make up an excuse for my bad update, but to be honest with you guys I don't have one all I can say is I'm very sorry for the terrible update. I do have some exciting stuff to share though! 
I finally found a job at House of Fraser and I'm very excited to start this weekend!

It obviously means that there will be hopefully loads of new clothes joining my wardrobe soon, but I'm also planning on getting a proper camera, which I can also film with so I can finally update my YouTube channel.
It also means that the quality of my pictures will get better seeing as at the moment I'm taking outfit pictures with my phone.

I will post a wishlist at some point tomorrow to celebrate my new and first job and also to show you a couple of things I've been having my eyes on for a while! Hahaa


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