Monday, 28 October 2013

save the day

outfit: Jumper - thrifted / jeans - H&M / converse - office / necklace - camden

Hello strangers,

sorry about my bad update but I have been soo busy over the last week or so cause I have started work and I obviously had to make sure that my college work doesn't suffer from it.My body is still getting used to working so I'm quite tired whenever I finish, but I'm really happy! Hahaa

Anyways I wore this last week to a gig of one of my friends. I just recently found this jumper again and I'm so happy! The only thing I would say is that it's really big so it kinda eats you so I just always have to make sure I don't go mad on the oversized stuff! Hahaa

This week we've got halfterm, but unlucky me I haven't been feeling great today so let's hope I'm better by tomorrow!
Also on Thursday - Halloween, I'm turning 18 so that should be really nice!!!

Talk later, 


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