Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Lack of purple

Outfit: Crop top - Brandy Melville / Trousers - Monki / Clutch - Zara / Converse - Office

Hello everyone,

I'm finally back, the last couple of weeks have been manic and I was quite sick too so I just about made it to work and back. I'm feeling much better though so I wanted to post today for sure. 

This outfit is actually from quite a few weeks ago, as with Autumn kicking in right now I would just be asking to get sick again. 
Annoyingly when I was taking these pictures I did not realise that my camera was out of focus until I finished and looked back later, so a lot of the pictures I couldn't use cause they were blurry. I actually considered re taking the pictures, but I really liked the way it came out and I thought I will just use what I can. Apologies for that.

Onto the outfit; this is probably one of my faves as it has such a laid back vibe, but it also looks very chic and put together. 
The crop top is from Brandy Melville, which is one of my favourite brands and I'm pretty sure this is my first piece I bought from them so I was super excited. The brand only does one size pieces and it's very affordable. Whenever I go there I pretty much want to buy everything.. (not the healthiest obsession to have) Anyway this crop is so comfy and I love the colour - it has like the slightest purple hint to it! For this outfit I wanted the crop to stand out so I went for my navy trousers from Monki - you might remember them from a few posts back, it comes as a two piece. I then added some light pieces, I didn't want the outfit to be dark for once hahaa. 

I hope you guys like the outfit as much as me and that you're all well,

until next time,


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