Monday, 11 January 2016

Black warmth

Outfit: Jacket - Zara / Jumper - Zara / Jeans - Topshop (mom) /Heels - Kurt Geiger / Bag - Topshop

Hello everyone,

I hope Monday treated you well. I'm back today with another outfit, this time nice and easy.
This outfit to me is very casual and masculine until you add a pair of heels.
It's crazy how such a small detail can change an entire outfit so easily.

This is my go to outfit for lazy days were I still need to look partly presentable. It's perfect for meeting the girls for coffee or lunch. If you want to give it a very cool and laid back vibe just add a pair of trainers/converse and you're good to go. 

Also can we just talk about my jacket for a moment, I bought this maybe a week before Christmas on a random trip to Zara. I was actually just walking out of the store after a disappointing little look around and I saw this on my way out. I've been looking for a nice Parka for a while now and couldn't find any that stood out to me, but this one is so so nice. The faux fur inside it is so warm and cosy and what I love is that the fur does not change it's texture as most furs do. It has still kept it's nice new texture.

I hope you guys liked this, 
until tomorrow,


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