Thursday, 4 February 2016

Pink dreaming

Pinks, nudes, greys, that's all I've been inspired by recently. 

If you've seen my last couple of post you might have noticed new colours on the blog, I've actually started including a little colour in my wardrobe nothing extreme and don't expect a lot of it, but just hints of it here and there. Whether it's in my make up or a little detail in my outfits, it's a colour that really makes me feel good. 

So to go with it I've decided to create a inspo board to keep me going. 
I want to do this on a weekly basis so you guys can get a taste of what's inspiring me at the moment and who knows maybe it will inspire you too.
My relationship with wearing colour is not exactly a secret, but I'm surprisingly really starting to enjoy playing around with a little hint of it. Maybe it's the fact that I can't really match up with the colour of the sky as it's not dark at 3pm any longer or maybe I just really enjoy making these boards! Haha Whatever it is I'm really loving it. So I think these inspo boards will really keep me dreaming about cute little outfits and new colours I could try out. 

I hope you guys are well and that you enjoyed this post.

Lots of love,


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