Thursday, 7 March 2013

I'll be my own boyfriend


Hello lovelies,
so you may have realised that some of my outfits are quite 'boyish'
that's because personally I'm a massive fan of the whole boyfriend look!
I just think there is something soo attractive and cool about it and I was actually going to upload loads of pictures from the typical fashion week outfits that consisted of boyfriend jeans and tee's and soo on, but then I found the first picture here (the one from the model on the catwalk) and thought why not write about the whole suit idea.
So from the moment the whole suit trend came in I fell in love with it because it's soo effortlessly chic and the first picture I have up on here is probably one of my the best examples of it - ever, I just think the grey and the white look beautiful together and the whole suit is just absolutely stunning! The boyfriend look in general just has really comfortable cuts, which still drop very nicely on your body.
I have actually been trying to find something similar - unfortunately I haven't found anything satisfying enough.. hahaa
What do you guys think of the boyfriend look? and about the suits? I would love to know!

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