Wednesday, 6 March 2013

ways to wear: navy pants/trousers

Hello lovelies,
so this post is about navy pants and some inspiration on how to wear them.. just because I absolutely love navy and I LOVE my navy pants!
I find that navy goes with almost everything and it is a colour that can easily be dressed up or down same thing with pants you can easily dress them up or down so imagine getting navy pants, that's like a 2 for 1 deal!
I brought my navy pants in H&M for £12.99 if I remember right, which I think is a ridiculous price because these are worth way more considering the quality and the amount of times I wear them.. hahaa
I think the pictures above show a few really nice examples on how to wear navy pants,
but a few others ways I would wear them (apart from the outfits you've seen of me wearing them hahaa) are for example:
- navy pants + white blouse + red bra + green clutch + green belt + red shoes (heels) + a red lip and you're ready to go
- navy pants + green jumper + red bag + red lips + green shoes
- navy pants + white jumper + plum belt + plum lips + white shoes + white oversized clutch/bag
obviously jewellery is considered separately hahaa
yeah that's it.
The main reason why I have done this post - it's timed btw - is because I planned to wear my navy pants today (and hopefully I haven't changed my mind) and so therefore I thought why not let you compare hahaa
anyways I'm gonna have a very long day because I'm doing this art project so I'm not quite sure when I can post todays outfits, but it will be up sometime tonight, promise!
until then,

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