Friday, 12 July 2013

Got the taj mahal on my chest

outfit: chain - camden / Tee - ASOS / skirt ASOS / bag - F21 / shoes - H&M

Hellllloooo world!

Excuse my absence guys, but I haven't had the best week.. I had a lot of trouble and a few things that were bothering me, but it's all kinda sorted!

Anyways this is Mondays outfit! Esther and me had the day off so we went to Camden to chill! Our journey was insanely long and waaaaarrrrrmmmm because we decided to take the bus instead of the tube! hahaa

But we we got some lovely things esther managed to get some really nice Levi shorts and I finally got my beloved fake nose ring! It's been a while since I've fallen in love with nose rings however my mum is not the biggest fan of them and I'd rather get a fake one that I can just remove and put on whenever I want to! 

The weather is soo lovely at the moment and I'm loving it even though it's too hot to do anything! Hahaa

Me and my mum are gonna go shopping some time next week to buy a few final things before I go to Germany! I literally cannot wait!
Only trouble is that I probably won't be able to post in Germany, but i will make sure to take loads of outfit pictures and so on for you guys to see when I'm back!

Ohh yeah do you like my tee? I love it, it's so nice!


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