Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Let's talk hair..

Hello lovely people so as you may have realised I have short hair and I really really love it however naturally my hair grows ridiculously fast and with short hair once it grows it gets to a point were its a really awkward length and guess what I'm am at that stage in fact I think I'm wayy beyond that stage..

You see I wouldn't complain if it wasn't for the fact that I cannot judge how my hair is gonna stand today.. 

Now seeing as I'm going to Germany in about 3 weeks I was thinking to cut it before I go, you know be a little fancy and all.

So I've been looking around the internet and found some inspiration and cut it down to two options, which I would like your opinion in;


Option 1 is a bob with fringe. My hair is shorter than that but I would definitely get the fringe which I had before and it looked like this: 

(Picture of me with fringe)

Orrrrr option 2 which I'm more tending towards is this;

I loove loove loove this! And I've had something similar to this too which looked like this;

(Excuse the face) 

now if I was gonna get this I would just get the same but do the sides shorter 

Phew, that's me done explaining now I would love for you guys to let me know what you think I should get,


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