Monday, 1 July 2013

June haul

Soo here is my June haul! 
Just wanted to share with you guys the couple of things I bought during June. Apart from these I bought other things too, but because I had shown them to you in some of my recent outfits I didn't see the point to post it again. Hahaa 

Starting off with the nail polishes I bought. They're all from BarryM and all of them caught my eye! The nude one is really pretty on the nails however its more of a nude basecoat rather than a nail polish because even with three layers you can still see my nails! Hahaa

I bought the red one because my red was running out and I think everyone needs a classic bright summer red. It's a must have!!! 

Finally I'm really into silver things at the moment and the nail polish fitted just my liking!! Hahaa 

This is the other thing I bought from forever21 along those earrings on Saturday! My friend Esther saw it while we were queuing and I really really liked it so I just grabbed it. But to my defence I needed a small bag for days where I don't have as much to carry! Hahaa

Ok words cannot describe the amount of love I have for these shorts! I think they're amazing and they fit soo nicely! I literally cannot wait to wear them!

I'm not quite sure whether I bought these at the end of may or in June, but I wanted to show them to you anyways! 
I needed a pair of black sunnies anyways so these were just great!

Coming to these cuties. These shorts are soo sweet and the funny thing is that my mum bought them for me so that makes them even better! I love those little Pom Pom like balls on the bottom of them! 

And finally this is my last buy and with this piece I just realised that everything apart from the nail polishes are from ASOS! Hahaa Honestly I'm addicted to that site! It's quite bad hahaha
When I first saw this shirt I wasn't so sure  about it but it got on sale so I decided to get it and once it arrived and I tried it on I fell in love with the fit! It's so cool it has a quite boxy fit, which is nice and the grey just goes with everything! Literally! Hahaa Anyways I did wear this on Friday when I went out with my friend Esther so that outfit will be up probably tomorrow! 

So this was June's haul! 
I hope you guys liked it and if you think I should do more of them let me know! 

Yesterday's outfit will probably be up later today until then, 


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