Friday, 3 April 2015

Silver details

Outfit: Coat - Zara / Jumper - Uniqlo / Skirt - Asos / Boots - Asos / Bag - Zara / Glasses - Camden

Hello everyone,

here I am with another outfit for you guys, and yes I am actually wearing a skirt for once!
Believe it or not I do looooove skirts, I just always end up wearing jeans or trousers, I just find it more comfortable and I don't have to worry about whether everything is sitting in place or not. 

I must admit that this outfit is very much colourless, but everyone has those days, no? 
You can pretty much never go wrong with an all black outfit and it just gives such a dramatic vibe in a very effortless way if that makes sense.. 

Also can we just talk about the fact that I finally found a pair of ankle boots (without a huge heel) that I genuinely like. I had my eyes on these for ages and I think it was around Christmas time when ASOS had a 20% flash sale where I thought it's now or never. I'm soo soooo picky with ankle boots especially when it comes to flat ones, but these are just right! 

Ohh and this might be a bit weird, but I have this thing where I just can't wear something with silver details on it and then have gold somewhere else - unless it actually works - so for example, if the D-ring on my Coat wasn't silver I would have either worn a different Coat or taken a different bag hahaa I don't know what it is, but I there's something about that tiny little detail that I just can't stand!

Anyway I hope you guys like this outfit and I've got more coming your way featuring my little diva cat,


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