Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lost love

outfit: Crop top - Topshop / Trousers - Monki / Nike SB - Nike 

Hello everyone,

Yesss I am back indeed and this time it didn't take me a week to post again! Hahaa
I'm trying to post more frequently, let's hope I can keep it that way.

So today I'm back with another very easy and comfortable outfit. I've kept it very minimal and sporty.
For some reason I had completely forgotten about this crop top and I'm so glad I found it again as it's so nice! I love the fact that it is knitted, it looks much more classic you could say expensive.
It almost feels like this was the outfit of rediscovering stuff that I had forgotten about, the trousers are also another item that I haven't worn in ages! I had grown apart from them for a while because I felt like they didn't look right on me, but give it a few months and roll the bottom up and voilĂ  it's like falling in love with them all over again. I think a pair of black trousers are an essential in everyone's wardrobe. Seeing as I have a million pair already this particular one stands out a bit with its fold-over waist.
Now onto Shoes, these shoes I'm so sooooo happy to finally own as I've been trying to get them for years now! They're part of the Nike SB range and are mainly for Men as far as I'm aware so it's a bit difficult to find Men shoes in a size 3! Luckily one of my friends is obsessed with Nike shoes and while she came to stay with me for a while we obviously went shopping in Oxford St. and went to the Nike store. As girls if you are up to a size 5/6 you can get your trainers from the Kids section and it will be less expensive for you, and that's where we were, for what felt like forever. After about 7 pairs of shoes that my friend had tried on and loads of "Are you sure they look good on me?" she spotted my shoes, still can't believe she spotted them before me! You can guess what happened after that! Hahaa I'm now a proud owner of them.

Anyways enough of me talking, hope you guys liked this outfit!


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