Thursday, 25 April 2013

clear like a mirror

outfit: Tee - H&M men/jeans - C&A/leather jacket - H&M/socks - primark/sunglasses - zara/ankle boots - H&M
What can I say I'm a bit ashamed of my poor update, but here I am once again with beautiful weather and glasses as clear as a mirror.
The weather is so nice compare to what we had a couple of weeks ago!
I had these socks for really long now, but I never got to wear them because they just wouldn't match with anything so I'm really happy that I finally got to wear them.. hahaa
Also you can hardly see in the pictures, but my hair has grown soo much and it's only been roughly a month since I got my haircut! It's such a dilemma! hahaa
Does your hair grow that fast as well?

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